Friday, December 28, 2012

Review for Reindeer Games Dasher

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Title: Dasher  
Series: Reindeer Games  
Author: Avril Ashton
Genre:  Contemporary/shifter 
Length: short story  
Publisher:  Secret Cravings Press
Heat Level:  Explicit  
Heart Rating:  4-loved it

Blurb:  Exotic dancer Monroe Calliste recognizes the reindeer shifter eyeing her with open curiosity as she performs on stage. She remembers too well the one night they allowed themselves free reign over each other’s bodies. But he doesn't recall their tryst, or maybe pretends not to. Either way, Monroe sets out to give him a refresher course.

Dasher Petrovic has no memory of the coffee-colored temptress insisting they shared more than their bodies at one time. Monroe’s eyes reflect a mutual burn, but she can’t be right. If he’d spent even a second in her bed, he’d know. His ice melts under Monroe’s fire, but the question remains, what happened to his memory?

Reviewer: Cat’s Reviews
Review Monroe is a stripper that two years ago her life was changed by a sexy stranger. He revealed a personal secret and then just disappeared. Somehow she knew they were meant to be together and each year she came back to the Fish house where they met to see if he returned.  Dasher is a reindeer shifter. He has no memory at all of Monroe but something has pulled him  to this place and her.
This was erotic and sexy from word one. Avril paints a vivid picture of Monroe’s every move on the stage and it’s like watching.  The story is gripping and compelling and sexy!
I highly recommend this to  anyone  that likes exotic dancers, reindeer, unusual shifters, very erotic sexy story with a twist of mystique

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