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Review for Reindeer Games- Vixen

 Review for Reindeer Games- Vixen
Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Title: Vixen 
Series:  Reindeer Games 
Author:  Mindi Ferrari
Genre:  contemporary/ Shifters  
Length: short story 
Publisher: Secret Cravings 
Heat Level:  Explicit  
Heart Rating:, 3
Blurb:    Ahhh Vixen, some say she’s trouble, some simply say she just doesn't know how to behave. Her dangerous ways have got her into much trouble this year, and I won’t begin to mention the Sig Sauer she carries inside her left thigh. Yes Santa’s well aware of her side job as an assassin. What he’s not aware of is the target that’s after him. Can Vixen protect Santa and save him from the one man she is destined to fall in love with.

Jax has got himself into a situation once again. Only this time he has fallen head over heels for one of Santa’s reindeer’s, “Vixen”. Was it his fault that the five foot ten beauty caught his eye and disrupted him from killing the one man who’s responsible for happiness. Hell no. Rest assured however, he will not let this go and he will make sure to bring down Christmas. Even if it means trading sides with his sworn enemy.

Hell on earth might come true as Kang, Chris’s evil sister tries desperately to take down Chris by using her prized assassin “Jax.” Will Vixen be able to stop the death of Santa or will her desperation for Jax’s touch leave everyone dead.

Reviewer: Cat’s reviews
Review: This story had a very different take on the story of the reindeer.  Vixen is Santa’s body guard and an assassin. Jax is an assassin out to kill Santa. There is so many twists and turns in such a short story, it gives you whiplash.  The story starts out with Vixen having Jax  in a collar and some very hot sex. Then Jax turns the tables, and then it really gets twisty when the assassin stories come into play.  But I have to say this story had lots of potential. It would have been great with just the BDSM or With the Assassin sort of Jame’s Bondish story-line  Together with all the other plots and side stories was just too much. Some people may not like all the bloodshed and violence associated with a Christmas story. It didn't bother me I really liked it. I would like to see this one rewritten with all the stories filled in and tied together better. I think it would make an awesome full-length story.
I recommend this story to anyone that likes a more exciting, action type story with some bloodshed. If you like BDSM, Assassins, Villains, and lots of twists this one’s for you.

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