Sunday, December 30, 2012

Review for The Renovated Heart

Title:  The Renovated Heart
 Author: Jean  C. Joachim
Genre: Contemporary  
Length:  Novel 
Publisher:  Secret Cravings Publishing
Heat Level:  Moderate 
Heart Rating, 4
   Can a broken heart be renovated like an old house? Kit’s life came to a halt when her husband slapped her with a divorce. Finding herself without a job or a place to live, she’s forced to take Tunney Nichols up on his offer of cheap rent for his parent’s house. The catch: she must allow him to renovate while she’s living there. Out of fear, Kit tells a lie she soon regrets as she is drawn to the sexy man plastering and painting his way into her heart. Can Sarah forget the abuse from her late husband? Can she fix her heart and the hearts of her children?  With her two children in tow, Sarah relocates to be near her sister, she meets Jim, a neighbor and English professor. A mutual interest in writing, paves the way for a friendship that blossoms into romance.

Reviewer:  Cat’s Meow~ Reviews That Puurrr
Review:  Do you need a renovation?
Renovated hearts is a very sweet fun romantic story of four very different people that have all been hurt and are trying to start new lives. If ya want something to comfort and calm you after a trying day, this one is like a soft cuddly blanket, sure to leave a warm fuzzy feeling. This is like getting two great  stories in one!

Kit is excited to start a new life.  She thinks her life in New York is perfect. She just quit her job; sublet their apartment after enrolling her daughter in a good boarding school so she could go on the road with her now successful rock star husband to start a career in writing. She finds it all come crashing down around her.

Sarah has recently lost her husband and moved back home to where her sister is, to rebuild her life, become an author and raise her children.

Jim is teacher and lonely even though his wife has been dead awhile, after being dumped by his next love interested he throws himself into work.

Tunney is a business-man that came back to willow falls to help his mother. After she passed away, he decides to renovate her old house to sell and move his business to Seattle.

How does these four people’s lives intertwine? Will any of them find happiness? I’m not gonna tell ya!  You will have to read this one and see.
I recommend this book to anyone that loves strong characters, passionate love stories, business men, Construction workers, teachers, and authors. Lots of plot twists and a real page turner.
Warning: Once ya start you will not want to put it down. Be prepared. Grab a cup of cocoa and a snuggly blanket and cuddle up with a heartwarming, intriguing romance.

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