Thursday, January 31, 2013

Purging Matthew by Emmy Grayshun

Title: Purging Matthew 
Series: Ripples Book 1 
Author: Emmy Grayshun 
Genre: Contemporary M/M  
Length:  Novel 
Publisher: Self-Published 
Purrr: Explicit  
Meows:  5

Purging Matthew is the first book in the Ripples series.

Matt has never had it so good. He's living with Jake, his long term lover and best friend, he finally has his dream job, he has loving friends and a supportive family and he lives in a beautiful home. He has it all until one day it all comes crashing down about his ears when Jake dies tragically.

Matt has to learn to live again, a fete he finds very hard to manage without the help of his sister, Suzi, and Jake's best friend, Ben. Without these two cherished people, and his two best friends, Matt would never have made it through.

Three years later Matt has to go back to the place where Jake died and relive it all again as he struggles, once more, to get through the wrongful death case in Spain. As a result he meets a wonderful man named Ryan. Ryan's carefree approach to life and love restarts Matt's broken heart and makes him see that life is, indeed, still worth living.

Matt's journey to love is rife with obstacles and tears, laughter and sadness, but he has his closest friends, and his sister, behind him every step of the way.

Will Matt finally find true love again with Ryan or will he open his eyes and see the love that has always been patiently waiting in the shadowy recesses of his life? And will he find the strength to be the man Jake always knew he was capable of being?

This book contains sadness and joy, death and rebirth. There is also lots of lovely man on man sex play, loving, sexual intercourse/anal play and other sexual activities which are very deliciously enjoyable. And there's not a single warm wash cloth is sight.

Reviewer: Cat
Review:  Matt had everything the perfect love his dream job a nice home loving accepting family. He and his true love Jake went on their dream vacation tat turn into the worst nightmare Matt could ever have. Jake’s death sent Matt’s life in a downward spiral. Three years later he has to go back to where it all happened for the wrongful death suit. He meets Morgan a survivor that introduces him to Ryan another survivor.  Will Matthew find love or was it there all along?
This was a great story following a young man that’s life has been tragically turned upside down. The story is well written and you can just feel Matthews pain and angst. There are lots of twists and turns, joys and setbacks. The sex is hot and fun and sometimes very playful.
I highly recommend this book to anyone that likes a sweet love story that goes from sad times to joyful times and back, twists and turns, Friends to lovers, food play, and  very hotmansex.

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