Sunday, January 20, 2013

Review for After Anna

Title:   After Anna
Series:  After Anna- Book one 
Author:  Theda Black
Genre:    contemporary
Length: novella  
Publisher: TKB books 
Heat Level:  Explicit
Heart Rating:  4
  When Will’s girlfriend dies, Tyler supports him in every way he can, even when Will’s increasingly self-destructive behavior endangers them both on the job. And as Will withdraws further, a desperate Tyler can’t keep his feelings hidden anymore.
But Will doesn’t turn his back on him. In fact, Will might have some feelings of his own he’s kept hidden.
The trouble is, Tyler’s kept more than one secret. He knows something about Anna’s death—something that could end their relationship for good.


Reviewer: Cat

Review: Will’s girlfriend dies and his partner Tyler finds comforting him too much to keep his real feelings from showing. The drinking and partying with other women together is just too much. Does he make a move on Will? Does Will reciprocate? How does it affect their job?  I’m not telling you will have to get the book.
I liked the story a lot. I did however get confuse with the dates in the headings.  Sometimes I felt like it went back and forth or skipped around and would get lost and have to read a bit. But it didn’t affect the overall story. I loved the hard raw sex, and the angst both Will and Tyler shown.
I recommend this to anyone that like Detectives, Bisexual men, mystery and intrigue, and raw hot mansex.

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