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Review for Champagne Bubbly

Review for Champagne Bubbly
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This is just a short but really cute and fun story. A great pick me up for the Blahs! *the cover is quite a pick me up also!* Enjoy!

Title: Champagne Bubbly 
Series:   NA
Author:  Jennifer Cierra
Genre:  M/M contemporary 
Length:  novella
Publisher: JMS Books 
Heat Level: Low 
Heart Rating:  4
 Dan Rorney, assistant fashion editor at Cameron Magazine in Long Beach, CA, has spared no expense -- and no name brand -- in making sure his 30th birthday cum first book release party will be a blast. Five minutes before the party kicks off, everything's looking perfect ... until his brother texts to say he can't bring the champagne.

Dan panics, but he finally manages to locate an off-sale liquor shop willing to deliver champagne at the drop of a hat. He mingles nervously with his guests as he waits for the delivery man to show up ... who turns out to be far more delicious than the drink he carries.

Reviewer:  Cat
Review:   Dan is celebrating his first book release and his thirtieth birthday. He entrusted his brother to pick up the champagne he ordered and paid for but as usual his brother is a no show. Panicking he calls the last liquor sales in the phone book having had no luck until now.  Can this call change his luck in more ways than one?
I found this story both entertaining and amusing.  There is just enough wit to balance the suspense in Dan trying to find champagne for his party. The party is about to start when he finds out  his brother isn’t picking up.  His publisher is there. His boss there, a lot of high end clientele. It seems his whole fate and success, hinges on the delivery of some good not just mediocre champagne. It’s cute how one small item can be so life changing in so many ways.
I recommend this book to anyone that likes high-end parties, champagne, and mega sexy delivery men and dimples.

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