Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Review for The Edge of Grace

Title:  The Edge of Grace
Series:   NA
Author:  Christa Allen
Genre:  contemporary 
Length:  novel
Publisher:  Abingdon Press
Heat Level: none (Low)
Heart Rating 3

In a matter of seconds her entire world shifted...

An early morning call shatters Caryn Becker's world. Unable to cope with her brother’s news that he is gay, Caryn rejects him and disappears into her own turbulent life as a young widow and single mom. But when David is attacked and nearly killed, Caryn is forced to make hard choices about family, faith, and her own future; choices that take her to the very edge of grace.

"This sophomore effort deals sensitively and gracefully with a difficult subject for many Christians, exploring a woman's response to her brother's disclosure of his sexual orientation honestly while never shirking from the issue of justice and forgiveness." - Library Journal, starred review
"Powerful and hauntingly beautiful right from the beginning, THE EDGE OF GRACE is another well-crafted novel by an insightful, masterful author." -

"A beautifully written book, The Edge of Grace is a powerful story of the true meaning of grace and love. A brilliant mix of dark and light, laughs and gravity, The Edge of Grace is a must read." —Jenny B. Jones, award-winning author of Save the Date and A Charmed Life series

"Christa Allan's new book, The Edge of Grace, is an excellent book for folks who love and are loved by their chosen family. Christa's painful honesty is a crucial part of the story. In the end, the love of family wins out, just as we believe in PFLAG, and she expertly shows that sometimes family goes beyond those we were given to those we choose. And what a happy family we can be if we accept our family members for who God made them to be!" - Randy Trahan, Board of Directors, PFLAG New Orleans

"Christa Allan takes her character on an emotional journey to a new understanding of acceptance and the joy that comes from forgiveness." —Sandra Robbins, author

Reviewer: cat
Review:  wow this is a very insightful and heart-wrenching tale of a women dealing with so much. She lost her husband after a sudden stroke and taking care of him and her 2 year old son, Started her own business to stay home and raise her son then  gets the call her brother is gay. She doesn’t handle the situation well and turns away from him.  Things seem to be going well with her business b picking up and getting some high profile clients, though its over stressing her trying to do it on her on when she  finds out her brother is a victim of a hate crime and nearly killed she has to man up and take  care of him too.  This is a deep story of how a lot of  people deal with such news.
I recommend this story to anyone that  likes tales of  dealing with hard situations, stay at home moms/widows, riveting heart-wrenching truth of o how people deal with  gays. 

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