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Review for Fallen Sakura

Review for Fallen Sakura
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Today I chose something very different.  This is a book I would never have just chosen on my own, but I am very glad I came across it.  It’s a very beautiful love-story with a good dose of strife and conflict.  Grab you a copy, a cup of cocoa or glass of wine and curl up by the fire! Enjoy!
Title: Fallen Sakura 
Series:  N/A 
Author:  April Moone
Genre: contemporary  
Length:  Novel (2500)
Publisher: Dreamspinner press 
Heat Level: Moderate 
Heart Rating:  5

Manga artist Kobayashi Haru blushes easily and falls in love even more so. When he meets the aloof Sakuri Aki he tries to convince himself he’s only interested in friendship. But the more he saw of his new friend the more he’s drawn to the cool beauty. Only Haru’s shy manner and firm belief that Sakurai is straight keep him from showing his real feelings.
Everything changes the moment Sakurai offers to sleep with Haru. Haru has reservations, but he’s falling for Sakurai and it’s impossible to say no. Despite Sakurai’s private nature, their relationship blossoms and seems perfect-until Haru learns Sakurai’s secret. Furious and hurt at being used, Haru cuts Sakurai out of his life. If only it were so easy to cut him out of his heart.

Reviewer: Cat
Review:  Kobayashi Haru is a manga artist that easily falls in love and is basically a very good but na├»ve person. He meets Sakurai Aki and falls in love instantly.  But Sakarai has a secret that could turn Kobayashi’s world upside down. What is Sakarai’s secret? Will Kobayashi ever be able to love again? You really should buy this and see what happens!

This is such a beautifully written story. The characters are full of passion.  I fell in love with them, all even the secondary ones. Well maybe not Kinishi…  The tale is full of happiness and sorrow and pain but well worth the outcome. The Japanese words I thought would make this story hard to read but it added such depth and flavor. I wanted to learn more of the words and the lovely way of life.
I highly recommend this book if you like a sweet romance with some angst but a nice outcome, Manga, Adult films, Japanese culture, and hot mansex.

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