Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Review for Masters at Arms

Title: Masters at Arms  
Series:   rescue me- book one
Author:  Kallypso Masters
Genre:   Contemporary/ BDSM/
Length: -novella (186 pages)
Publisher:  self-published
Heat Level: Low, Moderate, Explicit - amount of sex actually seen in the text  
Heart Rating: 1-hated it, 1- it was okay, 3-liked it, 4-loved it, 5- OMG

Masters at Arms is an introduction to the Rescue Me series, which needs to be read first. The book begins the journey of three men, each on a quest for honor, acceptance, and to ease his unspoken pain. Their paths cross at one of the darkest points in their lives. As they try to come to terms with the aftermath of Iraq--forging an unbreakable bond--they band together to start their own BDSM club. But will they ever truly become masters of their own fates? Or would fate become masters of them? (Book One in the Rescue Me series.) 

NOTE FROM AUTHOR: This is an introduction to the erotic-romance series RESCUE ME. The Happily Ever After endings and much hotter scenes come in the following Romance novels. The characters can't be contained to a single book, so you need to read the books in order to follow the men in their romances. (The author doesn't rehash what has come before in the series and the books are not stand-alone novels. The characters continue to work on their relationships even after their happy endings, so you'll get to see them again in more than cameo appearances.) 

CONTENT WARNING: There are some intense themes in this book, including surviving the death of a spouse, dealing with the horrors of incest and being tortured as a sex slave, and dealing with the aftermath of war (including a wounded warrior with PTSD and an amputation injury). These are the sometimes ugly details of their pasts but are told in real time to help readers appreciate how far the characters have come as the series progresses.

Reviewer: Cat
Review: this book was amazing. It deals with several characters and tells of their past and the traumas they have and are enduring. Some very strong, emotional scenes. This book introduces the main characters very vividly and makes you long for the next book! There is some explicit scenes from the war, the bondage, and others. It clearing shows the bonding and friendships and even some secrets forming.  I just loved it!
I recommend this to anyone that likes, survivors of war, bondage, D’s, deeply rooted emotions, and strong characters.


  1. Glad you liked the beginning of my series! The second book in the series is free at the moment, but not for much longer, so be sure to pick up Nobody's Angel at Amazon (and some of its international stores), too! The sale has ended at other sites, but Amazon takes a little longer.

    I hope new readers to the series will understand that I don't try to tie everything up at the end of a book, although I make sure they're at least Happy For Now. While some couples do get to Happily Ever After in a book, they'll still have issues they need to work on. I prefer the realistic approach to Romance and BDSM. :)


    1. Thank you Kally I got it and I also shared it on my freebie sit called Share the Love on Facebook for you! I cant wait to get the rest of them been reading excerpts!