Sunday, January 13, 2013

Review for Miami after the War by Jay Starre

Today we are on a trip back into the past  our first stop was in Greece We hope you enjoyed it. now back into the time machine we are going to ....

Miami after the War

Title:  Miami After the War
Series: N/A
Author: Jay Starre
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press nap-sized Dream
Length: short story
Genre: Contemporary/ Americas/ post war
Heat: Hot
Heart: 4

At nineteen, Danny Ramirez is the youngest of the tiling crew working the postwar construction boom on Miami’s beachfront. When veteran Jake Tyler needs a roommate and asks if he’s interested, Danny jumps at the chance. He’s been hot for Jake since they day they started working together. Jake never talks about his wartime experiences, though they’ve obviously marked him in more ways than just the scar on his leg. Danny wants to offer comfort, but can he make the first move without driving Jake away(
 My review Danny has had his eyes on Jake since they first met.  Jake is a veteran and very quiet and keeps to himself. Danny jumps at the chance to become Jakes roommates since he idolizes him but lusts after him too.
This is a really great sweet love story. I am a sucker for a romantic heartfelt romance and this is a very good one. The characters were interesting the story was good and the sex is hot and loving. A nice feel good short story. If you just need a really good book to fill some short time you have hanging about, pick this one up.
I recommend it to anyone that likes post war, Construction workers and really hot mansex

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