Monday, January 7, 2013

Review for Not That Type of Guy by Sara York

Title: Not that Type of Guy 
Series:   NA
Author:  Sara York
Genre:  M/M suspense  
Length: Novel 
Publisher:  Self-published
Heat Level:, Explicit  
Heart Rating:  5- OMG

Warning: This book contains sexually explicit content which is only suitable for mature readers. This book deals with difficult subject matter, including abduction, abuse and murder. It also includes amazing sex between incredibly sexy men, masturbation and an engaging story. Enjoy!
 When CIA assassin Aiden Jackson is trapped between a bathroom wall and a hard man, he chooses the hard man, much to his surprise. Aiden doesn't want to admit he’s gay, but his first stumble into man love leaves him disoriented, searching for answers and desperate to find the truth. He covers his real desires by dating an ultra-hot girl, but it’s the guy sitting a few tables away that draws his attention.

Super nice and attractive Doctor Trace Williams is so special he seems like an angel to Aiden. Their first kiss blows Aiden away. That Trace sees into his soul, even when Aiden is trying to hide everything, pisses him off. Aiden needs Trace in his life, but once Trace finds out the truth about Aiden’s job, will they have any part of their relationship left?

What would you do if your lover ripped apart the very foundation of what you believed?
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Reviewer:  Cat
I love a book where I can feel like I am the characters while reading. Not just one but all of them, good bad or ugly. Sara accomplishes that very well in all her books. I was not disappointed with this. It was above my expectations.. I could feel Aiden’s conflict of his emotions. I could feel his needs, his fears of having to come to the realization that he was gay. I ached with him. I cried for and with him.  When he melt Trace, I felt his want his need his desires, his hunger, his confusion. I wanted to grab him by the shoulders and shake him and say- get over it. Quit wasting time and hurting these women you jerk. Go meet Trace!!Thank goodness he listened, or we wouldn't have a good MM story. We got a great one. Lots of mystery suspense and romance. What more could you want? So I will tell you a little about the story.
Aiden Jackson has a secret. Actually two. His job and his sexuality. He works for the government as an assassin and he is gay. But he don’t even know it yet.
Trace Wlliams is a Dr. He is gay and he isn't hiding but he isn't actually advertising either. His Co-workers don’t know. He has a lover but it’s just a physical thing. Someone to satisfy his physical needs. He wants someone to satisfy his emotional needs as well. He sees Aiden in a restaurant with a woman and notices him checking him out. He actually is so attracted to him and can just feel he is hiding his sexuality that he actually confronts him in the restroom. Neither man can seem to get over this initial meeting.
So. Do they actually get together? Does Aiden finally embrace who he is? Where does his job come into play? Well you will have to read the book!! You won’t be sorry!! I promise!

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