Monday, January 21, 2013

Review for The Pen Pal

Title The Pen Pal
Author: Richard Banegas
Genre: Mystery/ thriller/ suspense
Length: Novella
Heat: None
Hearts: 4
He began with a humble existence and ended his life with blood on his hands. Here begins the story of Shaymus O'Shea, son, father, husband, and murderer, told through his eyes. His victims, shown no mercy, wait for justice, while his own daughter, Federal Agent, Katee Alice O'Shea, pursues the man known as the Deer Hunter, unaware she hunts her own father.

Review: If you like murder mysteries, but not all the gruesomeness and gore associated with one, this is a good choice.
I like an occasional mystery set in the real world once in a while for a break from all the usual paranormal I love.

The book starts out like a horse race. Right out of the gate, the story starts with a man dying from a bullet wound. You find out right away this is the main character. Then the story slows to a gentle gait recanting the story of Shaymus O'Shea's life. It takes us into the mind of a very disturbed young man.
The pace picks up again as Shaymus gets older and shows more hate and hurt and things start happening. What kind of things? I can’t tell you, I would give away too much story. Sorry but you will have to read it.
About halfway through, the book changes. It goes to tell the story of Shaymus' daughter Katee.

Katee's story opens up with her being fourteen and writing in her journal.
This is my favorite part of the entire book. Worth buying for just this part.
She starts by saying if she were a baby this is what she would have to say about how her life started.
I am gonna steal a line from the book, Richard I hope you don’t mind.
------I was born into this world as Katee Alice O'Shea on December 25th 1950, naked, cold and hungry, screaming at the top of my lungs, feeling someone spank me.
It quickly turned me over and I saw the most hideous face staring at me. Frightened I bawled some more. ---
This was absolutely hilarious. I laughed so hard. It goes on until she gets to her current age. Shows how she gets tough and all. I just loved it. So much I read this part twice already! Ingenious!

So we are nearing the finish line with Katee a forensic scientist, trying to solve some cold case murders. She meets her Pen pal, he is a profiler. I won’t say anymore, except read this one!

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