Thursday, January 3, 2013

Review for Till Surrender By Avril Ashton

Title:  Till Surrender
Series:   Paranormal Security Council book 2
Author:  Avril Ashton
Genre:  Gay MM/ Paranormal/ Multicultural/ Contemporary
Length: novel 
Publisher: Total- E- Bound Publishing 
Heat Level: Explicit  
Heart Rating:  5- OMG
 Book two in the Paranormal Security Council Series

The key to his salvation is the one person he’s destined to love...and betray.
Tattooed half-breed Takayo ‘Saint’ St John kills for the PSC with single-minded efficiency. He’s never questioned or failed his assignments...until he stares into the cornflower-blue eyes of Ryken Valte, the man whose life he’s infiltrated under false pretenses. Harsh words and a cold shoulder aren't enough to keep the distance between them, but Saint’s mission damns him. His job is to kill the brother of the man he loves and he sees no way out of his predicament.
Ryken melts under the intense attraction between him and Saint, but the man keeps pushing him away, denying their connection. Ryken would give up everything, do anything to have Saint at his side and in his bed, but secrets bigger than them make it impossible. Ryken yearns for Saint’s surrender, but he’ll get more than he bargained for when dark forces neither comprehends return with a vengeance.
Reviewer:  Cat
Review  written for MM Good Book Reviews 
 I was absolutely blown away by this book.  Oh my where to start.. every single page was  thrilling and exciting and mostly a surprise.  I am genuinely impressed.
Even though this is a book two of the Paranormal Security Council Series, it stood on its own extremely well. It was so good that even though I wanted to read the first I had to finish this one first.. And then the end!! OMG so hurry with the next one!!
Here is a quick rundown. Saint is a half breed Para and works for the Paranormal Security Council. He is hired to kill Nathan a professor that lost his wife and child to shifters tragically. He is really stirring up trouble so the council has sent Saint in for the job. Easy peasy.  NOT!  As soon as he meets Nathan, he is introduced to his younger brother Ryken.  And here is where it starts getting wild. Immediately Saint Finds that Ryken is his mate…Ryken knows that he has to have Saint. Then it gets wilder. Saint finds out that Nathan has an insider in the Council.
So do Saint and Ryken mate?  Does Saint kill Nathan? Does Ryken end up hating Saint? Will Saint die if he and Ryken aren't together? Who is the mole?  Did I mention a curse that has to do with Saint and his Mate? Well you better hurry and get this book to find out.
I highly recommend this book to EVERYONE!!  Especially if you love paranormal.  A whole new sort too f paranormal, not run of the mill vampire or shifters,  true love or mate stories, lots of twists and drama, and lots  and lots of really hot mansex.!

Omg is Cathyspeak for Oh MY Gosh!  
PSC is  short for the series name Paranormal Security Council 

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