Saturday, January 19, 2013

Review for the Vampires Boy

Title:  The Vampires Boy
Series:   NA
Author:  Theda Black
Genre:  Paranormal 
Length: Novel 
Publisher:  TKB books
Heat Level: Explicit
Heart Rating:, 5
Blurb  Levi is a vampire, villain and tragedy, a monster made rather than born. He was only a teen when another vampire went rogue and turned him.
Jared is on the receiving end of Levi's obsession. He's also in love with his best friend, Jordan, and has been for years. Jordan feels the same - but it's too late. Jared pushes him away, believing Jordan's in danger.
Jordan is crushed until he discovers Jared's hiding something from him. Something that's killing him. And in the meantime, Levi's growing stronger every day, drawing Jared in against his will.

Reviewer: Cat’s reviews
Review: Levi a young vampire is obsessed by Jared. He stalks him and takes his blood > Jared is in love with his best friend Jordan and finds out it is mutual. But can Jared get free of Levi? Will Levi hurt Jordan if he finds out about him? You must read it and see.
Levi is definitely not a sparkly vampire. He is sexy but dangerous. I liked this book with its darkness. You could feel the angst in both Levi and Jared. The twists and turns were intriguing.
I recommend this If you like vampires, obsession, and hot mansex