Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Review for Venom

Title: Venom 
Author: Richard Banegas
Genre: Mystery/ suspense/ psychological thriller  
Length: 2419-novella 
Publisher: Richard Benegas 
Heat Level: none
Heart Rating:  4-loved it
When Katee arrives in Boston to solve the mummified killings, nothing is what it seems. Blinded by treachery, Katee Alice O’Shea is thrown into the fire and thought of as nothing more than Katherine Stone’s bitch. Katee isn’t anyone’s bitch calling in her chips only to find out the whole thing was a lie. Determined to solve the case and tip the scales of justice in her favor, Katee puts everything on the line, striking back against those who tried to destroy her.

Reviewer:  Cat
Review Venom is the sequel to the Pen Pal. You don't actually have to read The Pen Pal to rad Venom since it's not a continuation of story, just the Character Katee O'Shea. Katee comes to America in this one to help apprehend a serial killer. She is a profiler, a forensic Dr. and the Daughter of a serial killer.
I really liked this story. It wasn't as creepy as Pen pal but it had more mystery and intrigue. There were twists a plenty and just when you thought you knew something happened and you were shocked. I also love Katee's wit .
If you like a very strong Alpha female lead, a good intriguing mystery with a wry sense of humor. Give this one a try. I think you may like it.

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