Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Review for Weekend Boyfriend

Title: Weekend Boyfriend 

Series:  NA 

Author: KyAnn Waters

Genre:   contemporary

Length: novella  

Publisher:  self -published

Heat Level: Explicit - 

Heart Rating:  5


 Life is full of surprises, like a weekend trip to Cabo San Lucas. Before Joel Fleming can surprise his girlfriend, he discovers she’s stripped his house and bailed on the relationship. But maybe something good can come out of losing everything. Joel has three days and two nights in Mexico. Who better to take than his best friend, Asher Paton.

But Asher has a few surprises of his own. He’d have thought Joel would’ve figured him out by now. Asher is gay, and his perfect boyfriend would be someone he likes enough to love, a best friend as a lover. The only problem is the best friend he wants is straight and just might be on the rebound. Maybe to the rest of the world, Joel appears to have life by the balls, but Asher knows his friend deserves better. That doesn’t mean Joel will want him as anything more than a Weekend Boyfriend

 Reviewer:  cat

Review: Joel came home with a surprise for his girlfriend and found she left him one. Well left him nothing. He went to talk to his best friend and when he told him of the weekend getaway he had planned for Shelley, Asher teasingly suggested they go together. He would be his weekend boyfriend. Unknown to Joel, that was Asher’s biggest dream. Will his dream come true?

 Weekend boyfriend was one of the hottest sexiest stories I have read recently. It is in my top ten lists for a sweet and sexy fast read. I was breathless. The story is so sweet and the sex just too hot. I was on pins and needles hoping and waiting for the sex and when it came I was not disappointed.

I recommend this story to anyone that loves friends to lovers, true love, fun romps, hot sexy beaches, hot sexy sailboat rides, and hot sexy mansex…. Check this out!

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