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Vote for Vixens by Tara Chevrestt

 Today we are on our final stop  in our trek back through time  if you missed our first stop  you can see it here in Greece our second stop was in post war Miami now on to New York City 1919 and  lets see the fight for Women's  rights. Lets go

Vote for Vixens
originally written for Crimson Fower Reviews

Title:  Vote for Vixens
Series:  NA 
Author:  Tara Chevrestt
Genre:  Historical, F/F and M/F 
Length: Novellla 
Publisher:   Self-published
Heat Level:  Moderate 
Heart Rating:  4

  Elizabeth is a small-town Kansas girl who has grown up under her domineering father's shadow. When she finds out that her father has denied her hand in marriage to the town's most eligible bachelor--a man she's long secretly desired--she snaps. Her father punches her for the last time. She realizes she has no future and with stories of suffragettes, women's rights, and voting in her head, vows to be free. 

She escapes to New York City where she meets Margaret. Margaret believes in the right to vote for women and engages Elizabeth to join in the National Women's Party activities.

Operation: Opera House is underway. In a month's time, President Wilson is due at the Metropolitan Opera House to give a speech. The NWP hopes that a peaceful protest will convince the president to gather congress in order to ratify the 19th Amendment.

As they prepare and plan, Margaret shows Elizabeth how to live and love. Under Margaret's sensual touch, Elizabeth begins to heal from numerous emotional wounds. But on March 4th, 1919, their "peaceful protest" becomes a riot on the streets of New York.

A riot ensues in Elizabeth's heart as well when her former flame shows up

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Reviewer:  Cats Reviews
Review:   Warning, rape but it’s not explicit more alluded to.
Lizzie is intrigued by the outside world, but her father  is happy  keeping her trapped as a slave to cater to him and will never let her have a life or say of her own.  When she finds out the man she hoped would ask for her hand had and her father refused then beat her for tempting the man to want her she had enough. Locking her father in the outdoor john she ran a way to start a new life and found there was more on the outside than she bargained for.
I was pleasantly surprised by this story. I found myself relating to Lizzie. It felt as if I went back in time and was there me fighting for women’s rights.  The history was enough to get you up to speed but not boring and dull. The subject matter was serious but the writing was lighthearted and fast paced. A great love story between Lizzie and Margaret and sweet yet sexy.
I recommend this to anyone that likes historical fiction with sweet  hot romance, Politics, and a story of a girl finding herself and making a life for herself.

We hope you enjoyed the trip back in time check back and see where we go tomorrow.

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