Saturday, February 9, 2013

Review for Double Flip by David Connor

Title: Double Flip 
Series:  xxx Olympic Games
Author:  David Connor
Genre: contemporary  
Length:  novel (2490)
Publisher:  Dreamspinner Press (2012)
Heat Level:  Moderate 
Heart Rating: 3
Blurb  Gymnast Ben Thornton is beginning to accept his sexuality, but in the charged atmosphere of the London Olympics, sex is easier to find than the love he seeks. Ben is so desperate to recapture something he felt long ago that he’s too blind to see the man he shared it with is looking for the very same thing, hiding in the shadows with the love notes he’s too afraid to send. 

Then a gossip monger threatens to distribute a sex tape Ben didn't even know existed. Feeling betrayed, he considers leaving the games, afraid for the team’s morale. As his friends rally around him, Ben discovers they don’t always make good lovers—but a lover you know like your best friend is the best kind.
Reviewer:  Cat
Review:   Ben Thornton is a gold medal gymnast just beginning to accept his sexuality, not sure he wants to come out and ruin his career. But things happen that take that out of his hands.

This book had the premise of being really good. It just had so much going on and so many characters, that it was hard to keep up with and follow.  Some of the characters well all were actually very interesting, but I felt the story could have done without a few and focused more on the most important ones. It had fun times and laughs and some fairly hot sex. I just found myself lost and having to go back and see if I had missed something or what.  I have to say though I really loved the ending!! It was worth the wait!
 I recommend this book to you if you like Athletes, Gay and bisexual characters, Olympics and porn.

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