Thursday, February 21, 2013

Review for Fade to Black by Scarlet Blackwell

Title: Fade to Black
Series: Clearwater Creek Chronicles  book 3
Author :Scarlet Blackwell
Genre: Contemporary/crime/bdsm
Length: Novella-185 pages
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Purrs: explicit

 Blurb: Warning: extreme content---has snuff films and violence Sheriff Brandon Schofield and Finn Austen are still struggling to overcome the ghosts of the past and Finn's torture at the hands of his abusive partner, Dominic Bateman. 

Meanwhile an adult movie company has moved operations to an abandoned warehouse in Clear Water Creek and its stars are vanishing. Soon Brandon's investigation leads him to Iowa and he finds the men involved have ties to Finn's past. 

As Brandon battles to bring down the crew behind the films and fight the demons--both real and those haunting the halls of Finn's mind--he hopes to slam the door on the past forever and claim the joy he and his lover deserve. 

CONTENT ADVISORY: This title contains scenes of dubious consent, rape, and excessive violence.
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 Review: I really liked this book. This was my first of this series and I was able to follow a long and enjoy it even though there is two books a head which I may say I will be going to get now. I am a hopeless romantic and the love between Brandon and Finn is sweet sincere and passionate. Finn has a lot of issues and Brandon is a caring respectful lover and is doing his best to help Finn work through his past.
Brandon is a sheriff and alerted that there may be a illegal adult filmmaker in his town doing snuff films .He finds the warehouse and stops a film in progress. So he makes some enemies that know about his lovers past and intend to take revenge on him,
So Does Brandon find this filmmaker? Do the bad guys get their revenge? Does Finn survive, Does Brandon find out what he needs to further his relationship with Finn. I’m not telling you go read the book Its worth it.
If you like hot sex, loving intense relationships and some mystery, maybe even some Bdsm  try this!

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