Saturday, February 2, 2013

Review for His to Command by Cameron Lawton

Title:  Yours To Command
Series:  Your to Command book one 
Author: Cameron Lawton
Genre:  contemporary 
Length:  novella
Publisher: MLR press
 Released July 2012
Purrrs:  Moderate 
Meows ,3 + liked it a lot

Blurb  You don't advertise your sexuality in the British Army, especially if you're in love with your Commanding Officer.

Don't let anyone fool you! The Military Police is no place for sissies. Captain Rory Sumner has a lot to lose. Discovered having a gay affair with a corporal, he's already been busted down the ranks once and the British Army are watching him very carefully. Joachim (Jack) Jones is blond-haired, blue-eyed and half-German ... plus he's in love with Rory. Unfortunately he's also Rory's assistant. They're both trying hard to ignore the fact that they're desperate for each other, which works.... until Rory finds Jack moonlighting as a rent-boy. He'll teach him a lesson!

Reviewer: Cat
Review: I  have to say loved this cover and the TitleCaptain Rory has already had issues with being Gay in the British Army. He doesn’t want any more problems but he is very attracted to Joachim (Jack). He thinks it is mutual but Jack is also very young. One day he sees Jack on the road moonlighting as a rent boy. Rory is both angry and aroused. What happens? I am not telling! You will have to read this one and find out!
I thought this was a very sweet story. My heart went out to Rory. I could feel his desire for Jack. I loved Jack he is sweet and playful. The two together are a great match.  My only problem with the story is it’s a bit too short. I would have liked to see more of Rory’s story and why he was demoted and how Jack became to work for him. I felt like I picked up a second book of a series, though the story did stand well as it is it was interesting enough I would have liked to have seen more.
I recommend this to anyone that like books about military, British Army, older men and younger men, and a loving sweet story.

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  1. Thanks Cathy #2 in the series is now available and it's a full-length murder mystery featuring Jack and Rory working on a case AND their relationship.
    MLRP commissioned this immediately after Yours To Command as the first was so short.
    Thanks so much for this review - Cam