Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Review for Into The Light by Scarlet Blackwell

title: Into the Light
Author: Scarlet Blackwell
Series:  Clearwater Creek Chronicles (book one)
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Length: Novella
Genre:  contemporary
Meows: 5
Purrs: 5 explicit
Blurb: Sheriff Sean Keller hides a terrible secret - he watched a heinous crime committed eighteen years ago and did nothing to prevent it. Now he finds himself face to face with Eden Gray, the victim of that crime, who is now not so much the boy anymore, but the man. Eden makes Sean sit up and remember those forbidden desires he thought he had locked away forever and the guilt which has blighted his life.
Reviewer Cat
Review:  I really love this series. I actually started out of order with Fade to Black and fell in love with the characters. I was surprised with the different characters but loved both Sean and loved to hate Eden as well. Well maybe not hate but   I did want to slap him to his senses quite a bit. I wasn’t disappointed at all. I loved Sean and finding out about his past and his love for Eden Gray. I actually was happy at first that Eden and Sean got together wanting Sean to have happiness and to make peace with his past. I commended him for that and finding how he had loved Eden all these years and carried this burden endeared me to him more ( yes  I love the  Stubborn butthole types,)Eden I  wanted to shake sense into him on more than one occasion. I found this story so romantic and even heart wrenching at time. (I am a sucker for heart wrenching romances.)  I was so glad when Sean owned up to his responsibility and love for Eden.(I kind of fell for Sean as you can tell*swoon*)
I recommend this story to anyone that loves a very warm and loving romance with its ups and downs. Really hot mansex, Men in uniforms, and a nice well-paced character driven romance.  I highly recommend this book (the other two Clearwater Creek books and Finding Eden as well.) You won’t be sorry!

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