Thursday, February 14, 2013

Review for Love and Punishment by Wayne Mansfield


 I know today is Valentines day so I did pick a love story. But I decided  instead of the usual  super, sugary sweet, romance to go with something on a darker nature but equally as sexy and romantic.. ENJOY

Title:  Of Love and Punishment
Release Date Feb 3 2013
Author:  Wayne Mansfield
Genre:  M/M, Paranormal, other-worlds
Length:  novella (17116 words)
Publisher:  JMS Books LLC
Meows: 4
Purrrs: 5 Explicit
Blurb:  Dis, the ancient word for Hell, is a world parallel to our own, close enough for its inhabitants to pass back and forth from their realm into ours, collecting souls and tormenting believers.

Charam is a handsome devil who can easily pass for human. It’s an ability that brings him both pleasure and punishment. He loves his partner, Raum, a minor member of Dis aristocracy, but sometimes he slips. He can’t seem to control himself and he strays. It’s what he does. And why not? Apart from the fact he is a demon; the human male form is just too deliciously tempting.

When Raum discovers Charam’s infidelities, Charam vows to mend his ways, but it isn’t long before he's at it again. Ah, the delights of the human cock! The feel of a muscular body, the aroma of male pheromone, and the bittersweet taste of cum!

When his infidelity is discovered a second time, there is no forgiveness. In a rage, Raum conjures up a unique punishment. No scarlet letter ‘A’ for Charam. Oh no. He has something much more beastly in mind.

A lover humiliated is a dangerous thing, and Charam wants revenge. But his little plan goes too far. At first he doesn’t care what happens -- he is hurt and angry -- but a journey into the Wildlands soon changes that.

Is it too late to rescue his beloved Raum? The matter may well be out of his hands.

Review: Charum is a lower level demon that lives in Dis (the underworld) with his Lover  Raum a stronger demon. Charum loves Raum but can’ keep his dick in his pants. He has a thing for human men, though he truly loves Raum.  Raum is tired of his cheating ways and punishes him by having the faces of his lover embedded into his skin.  Charum finds a way to seek revenge, but then finds out he regrets his decision.  What is Raum’s punishment? Can it be reversed? Will Charum be forced to live in eternity without Raum? I am not gonna tell you. I suggest you read this one.  A very chilling but sweet love story.. Chilling and sweet? Can that be possible? I will answer that with a YES.
I really, really liked this story a lot. First of all I am gonna say why I gave it a 4 not a five.  There was a few descriptions that were just too cheesy like winking assholes, seeping cocks and tube of manflesh, These  cheesy sayings did  kind of lighten the dark, grisly  tortures and stuff but I just  didn't like them.  Now having said this…The story was awesome.  The setting was very realistic and descriptions, gruesome and chilling. You could really visualize all the morbid details. I loved the pun on facing your indiscretions.  The overall story was a fabulous one of love and jealousy. Very unique. I loved it. I will definitely read more of Wayne’s stories.
Recommendations: If you like dark stories, Otherworld’s, demons, hot sex, morbid tales, and everlasting love this one is a great one!

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