Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Review for Of Gods and Goats by Vicki Locey

Review for Gods to Goats

Title: Of Gods and Goats
Series: Of Gods and Goats Book one
Release Date
Author:  Vicki Locey
Genre:  Romantic Comedy
Length: Novel
Publisher: Self- published
Warnings: You may crack a rib laughing!
Meows: 5
Purrrs: Moderate
Blurb:  I used to have a tranquil life in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania. It was just me, my dog and cat (the ones with the wizarding monikers) a watch steer, three dairy goats and a flock of chickens. That was before that thunderstorm of all thunderstorms blew over my twelve acres of rural serenity and dropped one hell of a celestial body into my goat barn and my placid lifestyle

And to think, Libby Simons used to be known as ‘That goat-lady on the hill’ by her unique and very rural friends and neighbors. Now I`m known as the woman with that very odd ‘bison’ and a farm-hand who can lift a Hereford over his head and not break a sweat! Long gone are the quiet days and oh-so-lonely nights I used to know. 

I`m fighting to not only keep the knowledge that gods do exist from hitting the town paper, but I`m also squaring off against the very beings that reside up yonder (And I don`t mean Canadian`s) while trying to figure out if a farm girl like me and a war mongering god like Ares should act on the rather toasty impulses we both have
Reviewer: Cat
Review: Oh my Gosh this was so much fun to read.  I laughed till I cried!  I always loved mythology but now I am readdicted! More Gods please!!
 Libby is a widowed Goat farmer. She hasn't gotten over her loss of her husband and lost her faith in any God.  Until one fell through her roof into her life.  Literally. Enter Ares a huge hunk of man that claims to be Ares the Greek God. Libby is sure he is on something or just loony but soon she finds out its true.. Oh my twists and turns and happenings. Like I mentioned before be prepared to laugh. A lot!  Plan time to read this since once you start you won’t want to put it down!
Recommendations: If you like Gods, goats, Mythology, cows, sensuous sex, a great love story and laughing I highly recommend this book!


  1. Thank you so much for the glowing review, Cat!

  2. OH now I have to read this!! I love a good romantic comedy!

    1. it was awesome Ellie!!you wont be sorry!