Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Review for Same time next year

Title: Same Time Next Year
Series: NA
Author: Eden Winters
Genre: Contemporary /Paranormal
Length: 8259 words
Publisher: JMS Books LLC
Purrs: explicit
Meows:  5
Blurb: Jerome and Greg played on the dirt road halfway between their homes when they were kids, and found much better games to play there when they grew older. It's their special spot, the perfect place for Greg to propose, and the worst place possible for the accident that takes his life.

Devastated by the loss, Jerome visits that lonely road on the anniversary of Greg's death, only to discover that not all endings are permanent.

Reviewer: Cat
Review: Warning : You will need a box of tissues.
 Greg and Jerome had been in love since childhood. They were each other’s one and only.  One Halloween night things changed drastically for Jerome, after an accident takes Greg’s life. The next Halloween something strange happens to Jerome.  That’s all I’m saying now you need to buy the book!
Oh! MY! Gosh! I loved this. It was breathtaking! It kept me on the edge of my seat and in tears. At first I was like Awe!!!!! Then I about screamed out loud when the accident happened. I was saying NO! NO! NO! Out loud   hubby came running on to see what was wrong. I even cried at the end!  Now go buy the book and see why!
Recommendation: A beautifully written forever love story. True Love. Believe in ghosts.  Sensual Mansex.  .

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