Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Review for Smashed into Pieces by Scarlet Blackwell

Title: Smashed into Pieces
Series: Clearwater Creek volume two
Author:  Scarlet Blackwell
Publisher: Silver publishing
Length: 118 pages/novella
Genre: contemporary/ m/m.
Meows: 5
Purrs:  5

Blurb: Sheriff Brandon Schofield is smitten by the new arrival in Clear Water Creek, Finn Austen. But Finn is living in the house by the lake where a murder took place and his story is no less unhappy than the previous occupant's. Finn is on the run from a violent past and he trusts no one.

Brandon is desperate to break down his defenses and win Finn's love and trust but time is running out and perhaps he can only protect Finn for so long.
 Review: This is the second book in the Clearwater Creek series. I have to say even with a whole different cast of characters, its every bit as good as the first.
Brandon Shofield is the new sheriff in town (he he I just had to say that).Taking over after the last sheriff left with his lover leaving behind a lot of talk and mystery.
A new man comes to town moving into the house across the lake from him. Bringing in a mystery of his own. Who or what is Finn hiding from?  Can Brandon break down his barriers both physically and emotionally and rescue him? Does Finn even want to be rescued? I’m not going to tell you. You will have to buy the book. I prose you won’t be sorry. 
I can tell you this if you like a really well written love story full of strong well developed characters, a little mystery and intrigue and some super-hot mansex, plus a man in uniform, this is definitely one you want to pick up. I highly recommend this and the one before and the one after. Be prepared to get them all and read them all soon.

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