Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Review for Texas Hard by Sara York

Title: Texas Hard
Series Texas Soul book 2
Author:  Sara York
Genre: Modern western, M/M contemporary
Length: 2375 words
Publisher  Self- published by Sara York
Warnings: Highly addictive
Meows: 5
Purrrs: 5 (explicit)
Blurb:   Spurned by his heart’s desire, Riley’s aching for a fight, and he finds one with Connor, a sexy Texas lawman. Attraction fires between them, but Riley walks away, ignoring the lust between he and Connor...Until weeks later he’s caught trespassing on Connor’s new property--Naked.

Connor’s tempted to arrest the audacious naked man in his watering hole until he realizes it’s Riley. Lust muddles Connor’s logic and soon he finds himself on a path rife with temptations. Passion twists Connor inside out leading him to share one of his deepest secrets. Still Riley’s hiding something and the lack of mutual trust may end their relationship.

Then there’s the Lane factor. Riley’s ex leaves Connor feeling threatened. Riley swears it’s over, but something doesn’t sit right and Connor needs resolve. Coming to terms with their attraction means submitting to the fears haunting Connor and Riley before they can grasp the love that brought them together.

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Review:  Riley is leaving Lane and Gresh’s commitment ceremony, his emotions raw. He runs upon an accident and stops to help being a doctor.  He has a confrontation with the lawman there, not only does he want to hit him but to …well other things to him too. A month or so later Riley is taking a dip in the pond next to his property when a man confronts him. It is Connor the Texas Ranger; he hasn’t been quite able to get off his mind. Things lead from confrontation again to riley getting to… well what he wanted the last time. Things move very fast for both men but both schedules and pasts get in the way. Are Riley and Conner a match made in heaven?  Are their busy jobs too much for a relationship? What about Lane and his hold on Riley? Who is Erick? Believe me if you like twists and turns and super-hot mansex you will want to buy this and find out!

I am such a big fan Of Sara York and especially this Texas Soul Series. I haven’t been reading too many westerns until this, now I am so hooked.  I love the modern day setting, with realistic modern cowboys. This book was even better than the first of the series, and I couldn’t have imagined that happening as the first was awesome. 
Omg this was so fast paced so many twists and turns, all the characters these and the ones from the first book are so wonderful and exciting.  There is nothing else I can say but how good this book is. It made me laugh, it made me smile, it made me gasp, made me say OH My gosh so many times!! I am on pins and needles for the third. And fourth and hope there’s more!

Recommendations:  I highly recommend this book to everyone that loves a good M/M romance.  Especially if you like cowboys, Texas Rangers (law enforcement not the  ball team), twists and turns, interracial coupling, super ,super down and dirty mansex. Did I say hot cowboys and hot mansex?

Author Website:  http://sarayork.com/sarayork/texas-soul-series/

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