Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Review for Texas Twist by Sara York

Title: Texas Twist
Series Texas Soul Book 3

Author:  Sara York
Genre:  Modern western, contemporary M/M, suspense
Publisher Self-published by Sara York
Warnings: Highly addictive
Meows: 5
Blurb: Life at Crazy Hills has become crazier, and the cowboys are misbehaving. Their worlds are turned upside down as lust leads them to places they never thought they would go.

For Erick McTavish, meeting the handsome young cowboy, Sterling White, is the first sign he may be able to put the pain and the flashbacks from his brutal abduction behind him for good. Too bad Sterling doesn’t seem to return those feelings.

Determined to remain straight, Sterling hates the walking, talking temptation that is Erick, yet he can’t seem to stop his desire to experience his first kiss with a man, but not just any man, only Erick will do. The tattered remains of Sterling’s denial are stripped away when fate steps in and wickedly hot passion ignites between the pair, leaving Sterling unable to imagine a life without Erick.

Meanwhile, the bonds of friendship between Gresh, Connor, Lane, and Riley are tested when dark desire leads them down a dangerous path twisting their relationship to the max, leaving all four men wondering if any relationship is possible after betrayal.

Review: Erick has just recently been rescued from terrorists. He had been held for 6 months brutally beaten and tortured. His work partner and the man he had a crush on rescued him. When he got rescued he found that Conner had met someone and fell in love. Conner and Riley gets him a Job with Lane and Gresh  at Crazy  Hills Ranch. Meanwhile Lane and Riley though both very much in love with their life partner/ husbands still have unfinished business. Gresh finds Conner very enticing and can’t stifle that urge. In Houston on a meeting Gresh finds out Conner is working there on a case. They have some friendly dinners and in a twist share a short kiss. Lane is very upset and turns to Riley. But he realizes no matter what he feels for Riley Gresh is the one for him.   Back to Erick at the ranch. He meets a young cowboy Sterling but it seems sterling hates him. Or does he? 
Wow Wow Wow! This book was smoking hot. It is book three of the Texas soul Series but it stands alone fine. I do recommend you read the first two they are awesome but this one was even better. WOW. Once you start you will not want to put it down. And then name is spot on. Twists all over. More twists than a twizzler! It’s full of hot passionate mansex, great storylines, plenty of action and wow the sex and twists. Oh I already said that. But  WOW!

Recommendations: I highly recommend this book to everyone that loves M/M  action.  Also if ya like Texas rangers, hot sexy rich businessmen, Cowboys, horses, Loving sexy D/s relationships, Sweet loving relationships, Ménage… great story lines, and lots of twists and super-hot mansex(lots of it).. you must read this. I also recommend  you  read Texas  Hard ,Texas Rough  first but you don’t  have to but I promise if you read this one  you will want to go back and read them all.. Sara York is amazing!

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