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Review for That’s Entertainment by Clare London

Nov 25 2012

Title:  That’s Entertainment
Author: Clare London
Genre: contemporary   
Length:  novella
Publisher:  JMS Books
Purrs Explicit  
Meows: 2- it was okay
Blurb:  Jack and Grady are casual extras in the adult erotic movies made by WrinkleTheSheets productions. Since the day they were caught making out behind the catering trolley during the filming of Spurtacocks, their director Gerry has decided it’s safer and more entertaining to keep them on the payroll, even if their devotion -- and lust -- for each other makes them rather unreliable players.

They support the darlings and divas of the company, from the vain Quinn to the surly Tomasz. They spend their time on cheap costumes and camoflauge, sex toys and phallic props, re-creating alternative classic movies in X-rated pastiches as never seen before. And throughout all the fun and banter, Jack and Grady’s modest love affair is a model of honesty and faithfulness.

But Jack is beginning to have doubts. Grady's sex drive is generous and he’s always eager for novelty. Jack’s no longer sure he can satisfy that, worrying Grady is bored with him -- that Grady wants something else. If only Jack had the nerve to ask outright. Instead, he has to rely on uninvited and distinctly dubious relationship advice from his fellow actors. Why is Grady keeping secrets? Just what are the strange noises coming from behind the locked door of their shared trailer? And does poor Jack really want to find out?

Reviewer:  Cat
Review Jack and Grady are lovers. They met behind the scenes at Wrinkled Sheets Productions and were hired as extras. They are in a committed relationship and even on the set they only have sex with each other. Then one day strange sounds come from Jack and Grady’s trailer with Grady locked inside. Jack hope he is alone.
 I thought the story was very cute. I’m a sucker for  people in real love.  I felt for Jack. But I found the story a bit bland. All the people outside the trailer constantly chatting about the sounds and about each other lost me.  The story was cute but hard to follow. The story of jack and Grady was really hot once you got there.
I recommend this to anyone that likes, sex toys, adult erotic movies, porn, sex toys, and hot mansex.

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