Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Review for Cane and Able by Kim Flowers

Title: Cane and Able

Release Date Feb 2013
Author:  Kim Flowers
Genre:  F/F, GLTB
Length:  short story
Publisher:  JMS Books LLC
Meows: 4
Purrrs: 0- no sex
Blurb: Ruth Templeton’s life has been rich and full, but now even the simplest things are becoming more and more difficult. Who would have thought a rebel like she would actually grow old? A retired teacher once active in the Civil Rights Movement in a town where such antics would get a cross burned in one’s yard, Ruth now laughs at her troubles just walking down the sidewalk.

One day as she walks through town, she realizes she forgot her cane, but decides to keep going. It isn't much longer before she needs to wearily head back home, and to her surprise, her young reclusive neighbor Savanna is carrying Ruth’s purse. Ruth knows Savanna is a homosexual who’s had a lot of trouble fitting in; their town isn’t exactly advanced. As Savanna gives Ruth her purse and offers to walk her home, Ruth realizes maybe they can both help each other.

Reviewer: Cat
Review: Ruth is in her seventies and has had a long life, seen a lot done a lot. She realizes Savannah is lesbian and one day They meet and become friends and Ruth offers her friendly advice. This is a simple but well written tale of a woman that has lived her life, has aches and pains, but not giving up on life.  She shares advice to a young girl hoping to help he be able to  be herself and overcome her problems and enjoy life.
Recommendations: I recommend this book to anyone that is open minded, likes  short stories about  life love and happiness.
Author goodreads

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