Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Review for Enchanted by Pelaam

Title: Enchanted
Release Date:  March 2013
Author:  Pelaam
Genre:   Fantasy, Gay /lesbian romance
Length:  94 pages
Publisher: Silver publishing
Meows: 5
Purrrs: explicit
Blurb: Lucien is betrothed to Evania, and his new-born sister to Evania's brother Teige. On the day of her christening, Isabella is cursed. When she and Teige fall under the sleeping spell, whose kiss will awaken the sleeping beauties?

A re-telling of a well-known tale—with a twist.

Prince Lucien has been betrothed to Princess Evania from her birth. When his sister, Isabella, is born, she is immediately betrothed to Evania's younger brother, Teige.

On the day of her christening, Isabella falls victim to a curse from the black witch, Caera, but instead of death, the white mage, Marged, makes the curse one where Isabella will sleep until wakened by true love's kiss.

Despite the precautions taken, Isabella falls under Caera's curse, as does Teige and Lucien, Evania and Dashiell are the only ones who can save them. They must defeat Caera to reach them. But whose kiss will awaken the Sleeping Beauties?
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Reviewer: Cat
Review: Wow! What a twisty take on an old classic. Fairy tales for grownups. I love it.  Prince Lucien is betrothed to Princess Evania,  Baby Tieg her brother is betrothed to the new baby Isabella the dark witch curses Isabella to die on her 21st birthday but the new Mage twists the curse so she  won’t die just sleep till waken by her true loves kiss. Sound familiar? That’s where the similarities stop.  You will have to read this one to see what is different believe me its hot!
Recommendations: If you like a good fairy tale,  a new take on sleeping beauty, hot princesses and strong princesses you’re sure to love this one.

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