Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Review for Glacialis by Pelaam

Title: Glacialis
Release Date:  March 2013
Author:  Pelaam
Genre: Action Adventure, Sci fi, MM romance
Length: 82 pages
Publisher:  Silver Stream Press/ Silver publishing
Warnings: Be prepared to finish you won’t want to put down
Meows: 4
Purrrs: No actual sex
Blurb:  Accepting their company's assignment as medic and nurse on Glacialis, Shae and Bless find their welcome as frigid as the planet itself. However, when they stumble across more than mining, things turn from cold to dangerous very quickly.

Accepting their company's assignment as medic and nurse on Glacialis, Shae and Bless find their welcome to be as frigid as the planet itself. Neither Adair, the mine's foreman, nor Merag, his head of security, make the men feel welcome or wanted.

When one of the miners seeks medical attention for an injury he doesn't want Adair to know about, Shae and Bless quickly find themselves investigating illegal activity at the mine, and embroiled in danger.

Shae finds himself falling in love with an undercover Ranger sent to investigate the mine, and he and Bless choose to help the Ranger. Peril takes three forms, each different, but as deadly as the other
Reviewer: Cat
Review: Shae and Bless are sent to a mining facility on another planet powered by steam. When they get there they know something isn’t quite right. They are close and love each other but not as lovers.  Shae meets a man with a mysterious secret but he could be their only chance of survival.
This was a very good story. The world is set up so well and you feel like you are there with Shae and Bless. I loved the mystery and the romance that develops. The only thing I didn’t like is it was a little short and felt rushed. I would have liked to seen even more danger and intrigue and more of the romance between Shae and Standalone and Bless and the mystery man. I wanted more! More! More! That is a good thing LOL.

Recommendations: I highly recommend this if you like something really different. A fantastic new world, A good mystery, A little nice sweet romance, hot doctors and hot men with secrets.

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