Thursday, March 14, 2013

Review for The Healing of Idrys BY T.N.Tarrant

Title: Healing of Idrys

Release Date March 2013
Author:  T. N. Tarrant
Genre:  MM contemporary, ménage
Publisher Silver Publishing
Warnings: bring a box of tissues and make plenty of time you won’t want to stop.
Meows: 5
Purrrs: moderate
Blurb: Idrys Barber is a lonely, closeted man, whose life is completely ordered and controlled by his parents, until his sister files a complaint with the DA. Add to that, Reilly Lucas invades the dreams that plague him, along with Hadrian Merkel. Hadrian and Reilly meet over a pair of Boston Terrier puppies and a black kitten, dating each other and now they want to include Idrys, but will they convince him it's not a crime to be together with them, or will Idrys' father destroy any chance they have for a good life together?
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Reviewer: Cat
Review: Hadrian is a vet tech that works in a no kill shelter he loves his job. He also loves Idrys the hot Animal control officer but Idrys is very closeted and has good reason to be. His parents are controlling and were abusive. Reilly has gotten out of a relationship and now can finally have a dog or two. He goes to the shelter and meets Hadrian and the two hit it off well and become involved.  Reilly recognizes that Idrys has issues and knows what they are from experience and the three men become friends.
This story is so sad yet so beautiful. What Reilly and Idrys have went through was horrendous but the love that Hadrian has for them both is so sweet. The way the story is told weaving the friendships and the backgrounds with the mystery and intrigue helps pace the story and it has some humorous sides that help to keep the sadness from weighing you down. It’s a beautiful love story! I highly recommend this one.
Recommendations: If you like animals,  Policemen, ménage, mystery, sad stories, sweet love and romance give this one a try.

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