Thursday, March 28, 2013

Review for Magically Delicious by Caitlin Ricci

Title: Magically Delicious
Series Silver Sparkle Short Story
Release Date: March 16 2013
Author:  Caitlin Ricci
Genre: LGTB contemporary romance,
Length: 36 pages
Publisher:  Silver Publishing
Meows: 4
Purrrs: Erotic
Blurb: Luke, an American exchange student studying abroad in Ireland, ignored his roommates when they told him to put back the gold coin he found in the garden. They warned him about what would happen if he kept the leprechaun gold. He might wonder if maybe he should have listened to them when a sexy, kilt-wearing leprechaun shows up that night to claim the last of the coins from his scattered pot of gold.
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Reviewer: Cat
Review: Luke is an American exchange student in Ireland. He finds a coin in his gardens and is warned by his roommates to be careful of keeping leprechaun gold but he doesn’t  pay them any mind. He doesn’t believe in leprechauns but can a vivid dream change that?
This was a very cute happy short story that put a smile on my face.  As in most really short stories there isn’t a lot of character development and I would have loved to know Luke and his roomies all better. The plot those were both funny and fast. The only issue I had with it was the time between Fae world and the real world confused me just a little.  But over all I loved it!
Recommendations: If you like magic, leprechauns, folklore, and a short fun read sure to make you smile try this one!

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