Friday, March 22, 2013

Review for A Model Romance by Michael P Thomas

Title: A Model Romance
Release Date:  March 10 2013
Author:  Michael P. Thomas
Genre:  Contemporary MM
Length: 6,962  
Publisher:  JMS Books
Meows: 3
Purrrs: explicit
Blurb:  When Bridger Bradford chases the wrong guy to South Korea, he falls in love ... with his fantasies about Kai, a model whose handsome mug is splashed across every subway station and bus shelter in the country.

Kai has a big career and big money, but what he really wants is a shot at big, blond Bridger, who can't believe his luck when the man of his dreams seemingly walks out of the stack of souvenir magazines and right up to him in his favorite San Francisco bar.
Review:  Kai went to South Korea and quickly became a modeling sensation. Bridger went to South Korea on a trip to follow the man of his dreams to find that he fell in love with the hot model Kai, but only in his dreams as they never met. Then one day he is at the local bar and sees a dead ringer for Kai and the man is checking him out so he decides to go for it.
I thought this story was cute. The way Bridger was infatuated with Kai though seemed quite stalkerish for a man of his age.  But all in the entire story was funny hot and sweet.
Recommendations: If you like short snappy stories, models, jocks and hot mansex you will like  this one.

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