Thursday, March 28, 2013

Review for Secretly, Secretly by Bianca De Sanctis

Title: Secretly, Secretly
Release Date
Author:  Bianca De Sanctis
Genre:  Historical contemporary romance, LGBT
Length: 74 pages
Publisher:  Silverstream Press
Meows: 5
Purrrs: Low
Blurb:  Told alongside a series of flashbacks, 'Secretly, Secretly' is a historical romance that explores the relationship between two young men of vastly different upbringings, as they attempt to overcome the social norms that separate them.

How close can two people be?

It is the question Elijah Livingston has always wondered, and there's no one he would rather discover the answer with than his former servant and best friend, Gabriel. But Gabriel took flight of the Livingston estate, and with him went Elijah's hope of whatever future they might hold together. Eight years later, Elijah has the chance to win him back, and he won't stop until Gabriel is his again. In a time when nothing is more precious than a secret or more dangerous than a scandal, can master and servant find happiness in each other?

Review: Gabriel always knew he had feelings for Elijah his master and best friend, but he always felt he wasn’t good enough for him. To be with him he had to be an equal, nothing else would do though deep down he knew he would do absolutely anything for Elijah.
This was an absolutely beautiful story of two men that showed their love in very different ways in a time when two men could never be together as more than Master/ Slave of friends.  The way the story is told in flashbacks and newspaper clippings is ingenious. This story left me sighing and breathless. I hope it does you too.
Recommendations: If you like historical romance, stories of friends to lovers, lost love reunited, and secret this one is for you!

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