Friday, March 1, 2013

Review for Texas Desire

Title: Texas Desire
Series: Texas soul book 5
Release Date  Feb 14 2013
Author:  Sara York
Genre:  MM contemporary, cowboy
Publisher: Self -published
Warnings: Bring some Tissues
Meows: 5
Purrrs: 5 (explicit)
Blurb: Gresh is on his deathbed and Lane is swimming in guilt. Will Riley's comfort and love be too tempting for Lane with Gresh in a coma?

A new cowboy, Kip, has come to town and he's got his sights set on one of the cowboys, but the man is straight and Kip doesn't know if he wants to date another closet case. Winning over his new lover and getting him to open up may prove to be too much.

Tragedy strikes the ranch and everyone has to pull together, but can they outwit the crazy stalker that is after Kip and his new beau?

The fifth book in the Texas Soul Series is packed with answers, but a can of worms is opened and can't be closed. Find out how hot it gets in Texas as Riley pushes Lane for a relationship, leaving Connor wondering if he even mattered to Riley at all.

Review: Gresh is on his deathbed. Lane’s world has crashed down around him and he has to make decisions. Jump is trying to take care of arrangements and Hamilton’s business. Jamie has stepped in and is trying to run the ranch very shorthanded without, Lane, Gresh, or Jump to help. Kip is a new man that shows up an old friend of Gresh’s to help and with secrets of his own.
This is the fifth book of the series and each just gets better and better. This one has so much going on but it isn’t overwhelming.  Not only  is all the above going on but we also have Riley still very much in love with Lane and also thinking now he may have a chance, then Connor dealing with his insecurities knowing he may lose  Connor and dealing with his loss with Gresh as well. Plus his coworker is really putting the make on him If all this isn’t enough we have the mystery that Kip brings plus another tragedy at the ranch. Oh yeah lots of excitement and still plenty of hot mansex.  It is pretty sad with the tragedies going on but the new love interests and Lane’s never dying love and dilemma of his feelings of Riley pick it up  with the  sigh-worthiness of it all. I am anxiously counting the days till may and the next one!!
Recommendations: If you love modern day westerns, Hot  ranch hands, suspense, and super -hot mansex you will love this one.

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