Monday, March 11, 2013

Review for Your Mother Should Know

Title: Your Mother Should Know
Author: Paul Alan Fahay
Genre:  Contemporary MM
Length: short
Publisher JMS Books
Meows: 3
Purrrs: no sex
Reviewer: Cat
Review: This was a very heartfelt story of a Mother dealing with cancer and a son that is putting his life on hold to get her treatments and take care of her.  She wants him to get on with his life as best as possible and find someone so she can rest knowing he isn’t alone. This story focus is on the conversations and trips between Paul and his mom.  It is set during the Rodney king riots. I thought it was interesting how thought the riots really had nothing to do with the story it was incorporated to bring together his mom and another person into the mix.   
Recommendations If you want something very different and thought provoking give this one a shot.

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