Friday, April 12, 2013

Review for Charitable Giving by Heidi Champa

Title: Charitable Giving
Series: Office Affairs
Author: Heidi Champa
Genre: MM contemporary
Length: Novella
Publisher: Amber Allure
Meows 5
Purrs: explicit
Blurb:  In his job as a fundraiser for Diggerson college, Mitch Harmon hears the word “no” a lot. Getting people to part with their hard-earned cash isn’t easy, no matter how good the cause, and the constant rejection is starting to wear on Mitch. The only bright spot of his job is Cal Marlow, a successful software developer and alum of Diggerson College, who has been generous with his donations.

When their relationship goes from strictly business to physical, they agree it should remain no-strings-attached. But, Mitch finds himself falling for Cal, despite his vow to keep things simple. When he finally gets the courage to tell Cal how he feels, Cal has an announcement of his own—he’s met someone, and wants to put an end to their fun and go back to being “professional.”

Has Mitch missed his chance at happiness, or can he find a way to get the love and the life he wants?

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Reviewer: Cat
Review:  Mitch works for the charitable giving section of the college. He is going to meet with his favorite client Cal. Their meetings have become very hot interludes and Mitch has found he has feeling s for Cal. But they had an agreement when they became lovers that it was no strings attached and Mitch doesn’t want to chance losing any contact with Cal so he keeps his feeling to himself. One day Cal wants to talk to him and he decides to tell him his feelings after his best friend prods him into it.  Cal tells him he met someone and can no longer be more than a business acquaintance. Mitch is heartbroken.
This is a very intriguing and hot romance between two men that have a big communication problem.  It’s a charming story with several twists and turns. There were times I’d loved to deck both Cal and Mitch. This is a must read if you’re looking for a good romance that makes you wonder what the heck is going on.  I was pleasantly surprised.
Recommendation if you like a  sweet loving romance with a touch of light bdsm,  friends to lovers, office romances, and  hot mansex you will love this
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