Friday, April 26, 2013

Review for Heads,Vampire By Cheyennes Meadows

Title Heads Vampire
Series The Coin Toss #1
Release Date: January 26 20013
Author: Cheyenne Meadows
Genre:  M/F contemporary, paranormal/vampire
Length: 135 pages
Publisher Silver Publishing
Meows: 4
Purrrs:  hot and sensuous
Blurb: Charlotte believes love only exists in fairy tales, but agrees to attend a New Year's Eve party as a favor to a friend. A coin toss saddles her with a snobbish, immaculate vampire with a big ego, one who makes her grind her teeth and pester with silly questions. Ethan can't believe he's set up with a human female, one with horrendous taste in interior decorating and a quirky inquisitiveness that pricks at his final nerve. Unfortunately, the cards are stacked against him from the moment they meet. Danger and disaster bring them together, forcing them to lean on one another for survival. Can they move past their vast species differences and find true love?(l

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Reviewer: Cat
Review: Char is set up on a New Year’s Eve date by her friend Ginger. With the flip of a coin she gets sexy purebred Vampire Ethan. Ethan isn’t any happier about the date than Char is, he has no plans of hooking up with a human since he wants to  keep his bloodlines pure, so a date is a waste of time.
Oh my gosh I laughed till I thought I’d bust a gut on this one. It was so cute and funny I loved Chars strength and how she didn’t ‘t want  to depend on anyone for anything and her silly questions for the vampire were  just so outrageous it was fun! I loved how Ethan l slowly warmed to her found her intriguing and not just jumped in the sack with her. This was such an interesting take on a vampire story and a romance. I did have a little bit of issue with the actual rogue vampire thing him being so old, I found the short fight disappointing but  with the fun relationship  and  other issues going on  it  really wasn’t needed  anyways, though way to go Char!
Recommendations: If you like a different, more lighthearted, almost comical take on vampires and romance this one is for you. I highly recommend it.

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