Saturday, April 6, 2013

review for The Human Cage by Wayne Mansfield

Title: The Human Cage
Release Date March 2013
Author:  Wayne Mansfield
Genre:   MM contemporary, erotic romance, horror
Length: 39,800 words Novel
Publisher JMS Books
Warnings: Has scenes of rape (though it is by his lover)
Meows: 4
Purrrs: very explicit
Blurb: Dale is a 23-year-old university student working on his thesis. Fortunately, rather than having to endure the interruptions and distractions at university, his “Uncle” Tom has invited Dale to stay with him at Walton Manor. In the countryside he has plenty of space, almost continual silence, and a butler to cater to his every whim.

Dale and Tom have always had a mutual admiration for each other, and now they have the chance to explore this attraction. Yet Dale doesn’t count on falling in love with Dominic, the muscular Italian employed as Tom’s gardener.

Despite his feelings for Tom, Dale can’t help the fact that the more he sees Dominic, the more attracted he is. Unfortunately, Tom is a jealous man. Even worse, he reveals a hitherto unseen sadistic side, which frightens Dale. One night Tom’s jealousy boils over, and Dale finds himself punished for his feelings for Dominic.

From then on, Dale’s tranquil existence at Walton Manor is permanently shattered. Once things are set in motion, they are impossible to stop. After a final confrontation between Dominic and Tom, Dale discovers the most shocking truth of all.
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Review: Dale is going to stay with his uncle Tom to write his Thesis. Tom has a huge mansion and it beautiful and quiet there. Dale has always had a secret crush on Tom and as he arrives the attraction is mutual. As the summer wears on secrets about his uncle slowly unfold.
I liked this story. I did find it a bit lacking in a plot. For most of the story it was just lots of very hot sex, and a possible hint at some secrets his uncle is hiding.  I do have to say that when the secret is revealed I was totally shocked.  If this secret had unfolded in the middle of the story and more of this mystery utilized this would have been amazing.  This sex is extremely hot even though a couple scenes border on rape.
Recommendations: If you like very erotic, lots of sex, orgies, some intrigue and mystery and a surprising twist this one is for you.

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