Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Review for Jose's Surrender By Remmy Duchene

Jose’s Surrender

Title:  Jose’s surrender
Series:  Sons of Eros 4
Author: Remmy Duchene
Genre: contemporary   
Length:  Novella (1280)
Publisher:  Silver Publishing (2012)
Heat Level Explicit  
Heart Rating:, 3
Jose Deluz owns a successful interior decorating business, but when his painter leaves him unexpectedly, he’s in the urgent need of help. Could Ronin Mccall, freshly retired from the Navy, be the right man –for the painting job?
Jose Deluz is the Anatolis brothers’ best friend. He’s always there with a joke and when it comes to their love lives, he has all the right moves. As for his own, Jose has two left feet. Laird has hired him for a major job when Jose’s painter quits. Laird may have a solution: he suggests Ronin mccall.
The two meet.  Ronin   rocks Jose’s world and he is lost.
 After his stint in the navy Ronin Mccall  retires, planning to paint  again. He moves to Eros for a fresh personal and business start. The first people he meets in the small seaside town is the  Anatolis brothers and he instantly feels welcome.  When he meets their friend Jose everything changes.

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Reviewer:   Cat

Review:  Ronin Moves to a small seaside town after retiring from the Navy for a fresh start both business and professional. He hopes to get back into painting among other of his businesses. He meets the Anatolis Brothers and feels welcomed right away. Jose, best friend of the Anatolis brothers is doing a big job for Laird when his painter quits. Laird suggests   Ronin.  As soon as Jose meets Ronin ,  sparks fly.
This is the fourth book in the series, but it works well as a stand-alone title. The story is fast paced and fun and very hot.  However I found it disconnected   in spots.  I kept waiting for something to happen but other than a cute descriptive story with lots of interesting characters and lots of really hot sex, nothing much else happened.
The descriptions are all very good and the characters were all very awesome and interesting and the sex super-hot. I will be reading the other three to see the other character’s stories.
I recommend this  to anyone that likes men in Stetsons, Spanish men, restaurants, lots of description, lots of character’s and  a sweet  hot love story to   check this out.

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