Tuesday, April 16, 2013

review for Red by Pelaam

Title: Red
Release Date April 2013
Author:  Pelaam
Genre:  MM romance, fantasy
Length: 85 pages
Publisher; Silver Publishing
Meows: 4
Purrrs: hot and sensual
Blurb: A fairytale with a twist. Ceron, known as 'Red', befriends Storm, son of the Alpha Wolven whose pack lives nearby. The Wolven are accused of crimes Storm denies they committed. They must face prejudice for their love, and an unknown nemesis.

Ceron known as 'Red' due to his beautiful rose-gold hair, works two jobs to help support himself and his grandmother. He cannot understand why the local Wolven pack would suddenly begin to attack villagers after generations of living next to his village in peace. When he is attacked by Torrin, a big, cruel woodsman who seeks to be the next village burgher, it is a Wolven who rescues him.

Storm is the son of the pack's Alpha, and the two men are instantly attracted to one another. Storm courts Ceron carefully, each man knowing that to love the other would meet with disapproval. But their love will not be denied.
However, if the Wolven are innocent, who is guilty?
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Reviewer: Cat
Review:  Ceron  works hard and visits his Grandmother everyday through the woods, A woodsman Torrin lusts after him and one day attacks him. Storm a Wolven has been watching Ceron and is captivated by him. He protects him and becomes friends with him hoping to gain his trust so they can become mates.
I found this a very interesting take on the tale of red riding hood. As in true Pelaam style this story is amazing. The world is so well created, the story beautiful and breathtaking and the characters interesting and well developed. I loved the story and highly recommend it.
Recommendations: If you love a modern take on a fairy tale, a different take on werewolves, a charming sweet story with some pretty hot sensual mansex this one is for you.

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