Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Review for Redbird Fires

Title: Redbird fires
Author: Madeleine Ribbon
Genre:  paranormal/ alternate world
Length: 219 pages
Publisher Silver Publishing
Meows: 4
Purrrs: Hot and Sensuous
Blurb:  Michael, immortal phoenix and coffee shop owner, is getting ready for his rebirth. Burning to death hurts like hell and he wants a little moral support. He's hoping to enlist the help of his new boyfriend, but the relationship isn't turning out the way Michael thought it would.

Michael's best customer and weekly coffee-and-gossip date, Avery, takes it upon herself to make sure Michael knows he's getting played. She also plans to hook up the handsome café owner with her brother Bren, a grouchy botany professor at the local college. When Michael's boyfriend turns out to be a cheating asshole, Avery does everything in her power to push Michael and her brother together.

Her plan has unexpectedly explosive results.

Review:  Michael is the Phoenix  and it’s time for his burn and rebirth in a few months  he doesn’t want to go it alone and thinks he has found the perfect man in Dylan.  But Dylan’s secret is a shocking surprise. Avery had wanted to fix Michael up with her brother Bren but he had already found Dylan.  Will Michael find someone to help him this time or will he finally be released from Ra? It’s definitely worth getting this book and seeing.
The story started of really good. It was pretty fast-paced and had lots of cool twists.  However I found a few things got brushed under a little such as Shin and Avery.  I loved the story between Michael and Bren. I have to say the one twist with the phoenix being saved so they could be together was shocking, explosive and worth the whole book. I gasped and I cried, and chewed off with little nails I have to find out what Ra would do. I was pleasantly surprised. If you want to know what I ‘m rambling so about go buy the book. It’s a great read!
Recommendations: If you like a great love story, good coffee, suspense, Phoenix, myths, Egyptian gods, and some good mansex, give this one a chance.

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