Thursday, April 4, 2013

Review for Sasha by Janelle Lee

Title: Sasha
Release Date March 2013
Author:  Janelle Lee
Genre:  Contemporary, Family and relationships
Length: 267 pages
Publisher Silvestream Press (Silver Publishing)
Warning : some abuse and rape but not graphic also sex  by a minor
Meows: 4
Purrrs: no actual sex scenes
Blurb:  The destruction of Sasha runs deep: hurt, betrayed and unloved. Sasha is in the ultimate fight for survival.

Sasha Phillips knows she is unfortunate because everyone tells her so. She is a misfit who has been lied to for her entire young life. Fearing the government more than her drunken mother, she keeps silent. After her mother inadvertently lets the secret out, Sasha plies her with more alcohol and the whole truth is revealed. Her mother isn't her mother.

Sasha goes in search of a mother she never knew. Her search has her confronting her real father who wants nothing to do with her. He has a new family, complete with new daughter. Struggling with her growing anger and hate for him, she is determined to see him pay.

Review: Sasha  is a young girl that  finds out the miserable life of abuse she is living is all a lie and sets off to find her real father. But will it be any better? Can her father fix  her after all the abuse and neglect she has suffered?
This is a very good story of a girl that's been through hell. She sets out to seek revenge on her father to find  he really wants to set things right. She really doesn't want that or at least she thinks she doesn't   This is a heart wrenching story  and at times you just want  to scream at the evil woman that has Sasha.There are many twists and turns and the story unfolds in a very  interesting fashion. This is a great story and I  highly recommend it.
Recommendations: If you like a different story, on with lots of angst  a girl  getting out of a dangerous situations, twists, suspense, and  stories  of family s finding each other this one is for you.

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