Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Review for Shoulda Been a Cowboy by Terry O'Reilly

Title:  Shoulda Been A Cowboy
Series: Studs and Stallions book #1
Author:  Terry O’Reilly
Genre: MM western/ cowboy 
Length: 66 pages
Publisher JMS Books LLC
Meows: 5
Purrrs: Explicit
Blurb: Charlie Bradley has always entertained cowboy fantasies. When his boyfriend Jared offers him the choice of where to go on their summer vacation, Charlie chooses Stallions and Studs, a dude ranch catering to a gay clientele.

Upon arrival, Charlie meets the very handsome and studly Wade Connors, a riding instructor. Charlie is immediately enthralled with the man and finds his feelings, fight them as he may, are turning into love.

Wade, however, is a man who chooses a guest as his flavor of the week -- to romance, play with, and then move on. But this week Wade finds Charlie becoming more than he bargained for. What will happen when the weekends and Charlie has to leave for home?
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Reviewer: Cat
Review: Charlie is tired of Jared making all the plans and everything in the relationship about him. He wants to go to a Gay dude ranch for their vacation but Jared is against it. He finally does give in.  When they get to Stallions and Studs, Charlie is immediately taken by Wade, but hears rumors that Wade chooses a pet project each week for his own benefit and leaves the man heartbroken when the vacation is over.  The first night Jared comes in drunk and has a used condom still on. Charlie uses it to his advantage so he can spend time with Wade.  But will Charlie lose Jared? Does he really care? Will he be left heartbroken? You must read this one and see. 
This story is awesome. The characters are all interesting and hot. Even the snake Jared. You can’t help but dislike him LOL. I found my-self both loving and hating Wade but by then end I made up my mind. I adored Charlie I could see myself in him, wanting more, wanting to be loved, tired of settling. Great fantastic story with hot gay cowboys steamy sex and a very good story line. I highly recommend this one.
Recommendations: If you love a good  sweet romance with a few twists and turns, hot gay cowboys,  and sensual hot mansex this one is definitely for you.
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