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Review for Take Two By Linda Bolton

Title: Take 2
Release Date Dec 26 2012
Author:  Linda Bolton
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: 169 pages
Publisher: Master Koda Select Publishing
Meows: 3
Purrrs: 3 low to moderate sex scenes
Blurb: When Alexandra wins a trip to her favorite talk show, she has no idea her celebrity crush, Derek Dunbar,is there. They share an intimate moment and go on with their lives. A near fatal car accident brings Derek back into her life. Can they make a relationship work or are the pressures of Hollywood, fans and paparazzi too much for Alex? 

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Reviewer: Cat
Review:  Alex is a housewife that's  been married a long time. Her daughter is grown and in college, her marriage getting stale. She has made some changes in her appearance and wins a trip to a talk show where she meets Derek her favorite movie star fantasy man in the flesh.  He asks her on a date and  she finds her attraction strong. Is it mutual or is she just another one of his conquests?
 This story held really good premise  Who doesn't dream of actually becoming  involved with their favorite star and sweeping o him off his feet. I know I do.  I loved Alex and Derek and  how they both are dealing with the changes in their lives as they mature.  However the descriptions of all the scenery the sets and  minute details were a bit much and slowed the story down for me.  I also found it flipping back and forth a lot from Alex and Derek and sometimes even a minor characters view confusing me at times.  There were lots of twists and turns such as the kidnapping and the Magician that really seemed to  get interesting then all of a sudden  fall flat or  just disappear  I would have liked to see more involvement at the end with Tristan the magician and his anger.  But all in all this is a good romance, with some mystery and intrigue and some  sensuous loving sex scenes ( I would have liked  to seen a bit more of the  sex scenes with Alex and Derek)
Recommendations: If you like  Strong female leads, older more mature characters, romance and intrigue and a lot of scenic details this one is for you! 
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