Friday, May 31, 2013

review for But Not for Me by J.S. Cook

Title: But Not For Me (March 18 2013)
Author: J. S. Cook
Genre:  MM , historical (gangster, Prohibition era)
Length: Novel (310 pages)
Publisher:  Dreamspinner Press
Heart: 4
Heat: moderate
Blurb:    Gangster Nino Moretti’s world is a series of contrasts between extreme wealth and abject poverty, an unstable existence punctuated by booze and bullets. For Nino, the gangster lifestyle is even more dangerous because he is a finnochio—a gay man—in a position of absolute power at the head of his own criminal organization.

When Nino rescues beautiful mob accountant Stanley Zadwadzki from a violent assault at the hands of sadistic rival gangster Big Frank O’Hara, both Nino and Stanley become hunted men. Stanley places himself under Nino’s protection as Nino’s accountant and unofficial companion. As a warning, Frank murders Nino’s office boy. In a quest for revenge, Nino tracks Frank to Little Italy, where the resulting confrontation forces him to shoot a bystander to protect Stanley. With a gang war looming, Nino must set aside his feelings and concentrate on asserting his superiority over Big Frank—or lose everything he holds most dear.
Reviewer: Cat
Review: Nino is a mobster. I guess you can say he is a good bad guy. He sees Stanley and is immediately smitten, but can also tell that he is being abused by the other mob leader Frank. When Frank humiliates and strikes Stanley in public Nino grabs him and takes him under his protection. Stanley is a bit confused and still a bit leery. He feels that Nino must want something from him for all the good things he is doing for him. Feelings grow in both men. Can Stanley love Nino? Does Nino love Stanley or just want him for a toy? Do gang wars break out over Nino stealing Frank’s boy-toy?
I liked this one a lot.  I bounced back and forth on and off the fence between liking and loving on this one. By the time it ended I decided I loved it. I found the story was very interesting, with lots of action.
I liked the way Nino treated Stanley so lovingly, with respect and you could see how bad he wanted him but  how important it was to him that Stanley came to him of his own desires not because  Nino was his boss or doing things for him.
 All the characters were very deep and interesting. There were times though I felt the story got a bit draggy, but then it would pick back up nicely.

Recommendation:  If you like gangster stories, Bad Guy  main characters, Prohibitions era stories, complicated relationships, losts of action and some sweet loving man-sex, give this one a try.

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