Friday, May 3, 2013

Review for Calvin's Cowboy

Title: Calvin’s Cowboy
Author:  Drew Hunt
Genre:  mm contemporary, western/ cowboy
Length: 68, 686 words( Novel)
Publisher JMS Books LLc
Meows: 4
Purrrs: explicit
Blurb: Calvin Hamilton reluctantly returns to his home town of Parrish Creek, Texas, to sell his parents' house. Finding the place in need of repair he hires John "Brock" Brockwell to renovate the house before putting it on the market. Brock bares a passing resemblance to Gary Cooper, especially as he often wears western clothing. Calvin has always had a weakness for cowboys.

Time has reversed the two men's fortunes. In high school Brock was the big man on campus, his popularity allowing him to hide his true nature. Calvin was a nerd, bullied by most of the jocks for being perceived as gay. Now Calvin is a successful New York advertising executive, and Brock is a divorced father with a teenage son who faces financial ruin, unable to pay his late father's hospital bills.

Can Calvin put past bitterness behind him and help the cowboy with whom he is rapidly falling in love? Will the deeply closeted Brock be able to admit he has feelings for Calvin? Or will pride, fear, distance, and the past prevent them from building a future together?
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Reviewer: Cat
Review: Calvin has returned home to help his parent sell the family house. Calvin hires Brock to do the repairs. He sort of wants to show Brock that he is no longer the nerd to be bullied by him and the jock but a successful advertising executive. He plans to come in get the work don house on the market and out of town as fast as he can since he loves his new life in New York. As soon as he meets Brock he sees there has been quite a change. Not only does Brock favor Gary Cooper and fit Calvin’s fantasy of a hot cowboy, but he has suffered a great deal of financial and personal hurt.
I really liked this story but I did find a few things that just didn’t sit so well with me. For starters, the day they meet back up you can tell there was a great deal of animosity on Calvin’s part to Brock.  It also appeared that brock was in denial about being gay as he kept calling Calvin names and treating sort of as he may be weaker of the two. Then they got to the hospital and wham before ya know it Brock has Calvin in the john giving him a blow job. From there love blossoms very quickly. However. I loved the closeness of the two and the relationship that bloomed even though it escalated in a matter of days.  I loved both characters and Brock’s son. I found the story charming. I liked that Calvin though he appeared to be the weaker or less macho of the two was more dominate and take charge.  Brock’s story was sad yet sweet and this is definitely a fantasy type love story but one very worth reading.

Recommendations: If you like successful  advertising executives, Hot cowboys, construction workers, Enemies, to friends to lovers,  fast moving romance and hot mansex this one is for you. 

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