Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Review for Illusion By Dy Loveday

Title: Illusion
Series Book 1, Daughters of the Abyss
Release Date:  October 2012
Author:  Dy Loveday
Genre: Fantasy Romance
Length: 253 pages
Publisher:  Liquid Silver Books
Warnings: Hot explicit romance and graphic violence
Meows: 4
Purrrs: sexual tension,
Blurb: Maya McAdam has never quite fit in, even on Earth where the magical elite sell alchemy on the black market. She has wild visions of conveyer belts turning into snakes and draws surrealistic pictures of places she’s never been. Partying and tossing back spells seems like a good way of avoiding her problems.

A week before her twenty-fifth birthday, her surrealist paintings finally sell. When a scarred stranger watches her from behind one of her sketches, she knows life is going to hell.

Maya would never have imagined she’s the daughter of a cursed king, and a bargaining tool for magical guilds. Will she fight demons and give up a desire for spells so she can find love with a warlock? Or will she leave her friends and become the nightmare the magical elite fears?

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Reviewer: Cat
Review: Maya s a spell addicted human in a world when the mage wars had left Earth shocked to know other species existed.   Resh is sent from his world to kill the girl that seems to know their secrets. He immediately decides to take her back with him to find out what she really knows and what she is and for his own reasons.
This is an action packed story of an assassin falling in love with his target and a girl that has no clue what she is.  The story is action packed fast paced and has many surprising twists and turns. I loved the fact that the heroine is a poor spell addicted girl that has no clue as to her powers and the hero is actually an assassin. It is a surprisingly different story and left me on pins and needles. I highly recommend this story if you’re looking for something different. It also had enough romance to quell the romance lover inside me without making the story about all sex and love.  Great Job!
Recommendations: If you love Magic, mages, witches, warlocks, demons, lots of action, some sensuous hints of sex and fated love this is for you.
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  1. Thanks so much Cathy for an incredible review.

    best. Dy

    1. I loved it and cant wait for the next!