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Review for Nebraska Close by R. W. Clinger

 Review for Nebraska Close JMS

Title: Nebraska Close

Author:  R. W. Clinger
Genre:  Contemporary romance
Length: novella (100 pages)
Publisher JMS Books LLc
Warnings: Tear jerker
Meows: 4
Purrrs: Low
Blurb:    After retiring from his career in construction and trying to cope with the death of his wife, Isaac York experiences an infatuation for a lifelong male friend and discovers his world fills with sunflowers and a risqué transition. Isaac moves to Lake Samoy in search of a new life, to abandon his past, and to start a fresh relationship with a famous and sexy man named Nebraska Close, whom he falls head over heels for.

Nebraska Close, a professional photographer who is drawn to summer nights and a younger man’s skin, finds pleasure for a second time in his life. Unconditionally he falls for Isaac and mixes together his lust, photography of sunflowers, and homosexual longing.
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Reviewer: Cat
Review: Warning: Tearjerker. This story starts out like a narrative from Isaac’s son. It tells of his past his father and how life was.  Nick tells about his past with his father growing up and living with him after he loses his son Lock. I found the story skipped around a lot and went from person to person some was Nicks view, some Isaac’s mysterious friend in the woods. Also each view had parts such as reflection’s, acknowledgments,  progression but each was marked before it started. I found this very intriguing and different. I thought it was very poetic like, quiet a beautiful angst filled story.    I felt the story would have been better from Issac and Nebraska Close’s view
Recommendations: If you like angst, heartbreak, tearjerkers, twists, sunflowers, friends to lovers, and  a story of two men finding love over a long period of time, this is for you.  

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